Dynamic Duo - Classic Imperial Socks x Bone White SS



- 1x 2 Pack Classic Imperial Socks (White & Grey)

- 1x Bone White Signature Saints

A classic white on white combination to compliment the bone white tone of the Signature Saints.

Our perfectly crafted slides are designed for anyone and everyone with good taste in fashion but also with a desire for comfort. These slides are blessed with an embossed text on the upper strap. This allows extra strength furthering the life-span of the upper section with a dabble of great aesthetics.

The heel is carved with laser technology depicting one of Saint Atra's signature logos in white. This is completely inkless, therefore allowing the logo to stay there forever. Like all of our slides, the entire slipper is created with the highest quality PU (Polyurethane) on both the sale and upper.

Our slides are durable for indoor wear as well as outdoor wear creating the most versatile slide on the market today.

Crafted from super soft 100% cotton, the Classic Imperial Crew Socks are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable socks you will ever wear. 

- 100% cotton 
- Breathable design
- Signature embroidery 
- Pack of two pairs (1 pair grey, 1 pair white)