About Us

Saint Atra is modernistic, influential and trendsetting. 

A perfect craft of comfort, ergonomics and fashion, all balled up into a singular product. This is what we stand behind. With a high aspiration to abolish all misconceptions that slides are singularly recognised as indoor article.

By combining high quality cruelty-free materials and shock-absorbent soles, the perfect products were created with a multi-purpose function: to look exceptionally good, inside and outside.

Every product has a purpose. Each colour has a vision. All designs have a message and each day we want our people to be proud to deliver it.

Whether it is to feel the sand through your feet or maneuver through venues without the restriction of your typical footwear, we aim to make sure that our products fulfill their intended purpose. 

Under creative direction by Kane Bergman, his goal is not to limit the brand's creativity based on specific demographics but to provide a sense of belonging to each and every person of all ages, race, gender, weight, height, appearance and gender identification.

We are an Australian label and extremely proud of our roots. As a multi-cultural brand, we make it a priority to provide an opportunity to all individuals of different heritages, to join our little family and grow with us.