About us

SAINT ATRA is an Australian-based footwear and lifestyle brand that started in early 2019 in the Inner-West Sydney region of New South Wales. The brand specialises in durable footwear primarily slides alongside accessories.

"In Australia, a persons footwear can define the type of person they are or wish to be. Throughout the course of time, we have created categories of behaviour, specifically based around what shoes are on that persons feet. Working off these categories, certain personalities tend to wear different brands to feel a sense of belonging and conformity and to us slides was the new wave and a category waiting to be constructed. We viewed the socks & slides combo on television, in rap culture and also within ethnic households and as time goes on we continue to adopt the culture further transforming it into a fashion statement."

- Kane B, 2019 Saint Atra.

Saint Atra prides its culture within the community. With laser beam sights, properwear has become the #1 focus within the brand. As a luxury streetwear brand, Saint Atra prides itself through being a high-quality and community inspired brand. Saint Atra embodies the area street culture and elevates it to the next level with contemporary designs. 

Often referred to as a family, it is not just a place of purchase but a place of belonging, entertainment and discussion. It is musically influenced by rap, hip hop and contemporary R&B. Saint Atra creates nostalgic environments with retro designs and vintage admiration. 

The members of the family are recognised to enjoy entertainment through gaming, skits and pranks which brings the members closer together to create greater content.